Scanloader self-fronting shelves

Let the most efficient self-fronting shelving system on the market do the job. Invest wisely where it pays of the most:

  • Expose more products without increasing the surface
  • Awaken the will to buy with elegant, clean shelves
  • Save time and effort when handling products
  • Cut you overhead costs year after year

The durable construction in stainless steel and aluminium makes the shelves easy to handle and enables it to carry heavy loads. Forget plastic details and hiding places for dirt! The distinctive T-rails provide high sliding resistance for products and are very easy to clean. The distance between the rails provide better airflow and faster cooling. The angle of the rails can be adapted to accommodate different products ability to self-front.

Take advantage of the benefits of Scanloader in a complete Scaneton solution or update your existing dairy fronting with LED-lit Super U doors and Scanloader shelf fittings!


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