The products in the Scaneton family provide a modern and flexible store profile, sending powerful signals to buy. This is how you create important added value for your store, staff and consumer:

  • More products without increasing the surface
  • Longer technical durability
  • More efficient self-fronting
  • Smarter cooling
  • Better product hygiene

When equipped with a Scanloader – the most efficient self-fronting shelf system on the market – you get a durable cooling solution with enhanced exposure while decreasing handling and staff costs every day. Guaranteed to be the best investment for your store over time!

Scanloader self-fronting shelves

Let the most efficient self-fronting shelving system on the market do the job. Invest wisely where it pays of the most: Expose more products...

Scaneton Front

Scaneton Front is a skilfully constructed beverage cooler, suitable for the petrol station and warehouse alike. Flexible design and durable ...
Scaneton Island

Scaneton Island

Scaneton Island is an island-shaped dairy fridge equipped with Scanloader self-fronting shelves. Create powerful signals to buy from two dir...

Scaneton Wall

The Scaneton Wall is built entirely to fit your store’s demands and is an optimal solution for fruit and vegetables, cheeses as well a...

Super U

You have a lot to gain by mounting the right doors on your store’s fridges. The Super U are glass doors which provide maximal exposure...

Colonial DRY

The Colonial DRY works the same way in the colonial aisle as the Scanloader does for the dairy products. The difference is the mounting. For...