Scaneton Front

Scaneton Front is a skilfully constructed beverage cooler, suitable for the petrol station and warehouse alike. Flexible design and durable materials are combined with smarter cooling and more efficient self-fronting. This makes Scaneton Front one of a kind on the market.

Easy restocking from the front through pull-out shelves equipped with a Scanloader self-fronting shelf system. This creates important added value when restocking, both when it comes to FIFO and ergonomics. LED-lighting from top to bottom creates strong signals to buy and increases sales.


New patented cooling technology enables the cool air to enter from above and fall by its own force. That guaranties a more stable flow whilst ensuring cooling of the front row products first. No more bulky evaporator or hard-to-clean cooling grids at the bottom of the fridge – fit more products on the same area and decrease energy costs!


The most modern self-fronting on the market decreases overhead costs and increases sales. The Scanloader self-fronting shelf system provides easier product handling, more efficient FIFO and better product hygiene. No plastic details, only durable materials that can support heavy loads. Quality that pays of – all day, every day.

Forget everything you’ve learned so far about store cooling solutions. We offer a flexible and energy-saving design consisting of 10 cm thick Isopanels built in modules of 1.2 meters. The support structure is so durable that it can even support a complete plug-in unit or evaporator.

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